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Ile-de-France Europe : Ile de France Representation to the EU

Presentation of the representation of Ile-de-France to the European Union


True interface between Ile-de-France and Europe,
Ile-de-France Europe represents the Ile-de-France
Region and seven County Councils to the European


  • Informing and raising the awareness on EU policies and programmes
  • Increasing the value and promoting the interests of its members to the European institutions
  • Supporting elected members and keyplayers in their European initiatives
  • Representing the Ile-de-France regional and local authorities to the European institutions

IdFE key dates

1994: The Ile-de-France Region takes part in the creation of the « Association pour la promotion européenne de Paris Île-de-France » (APEPIF) in Brussels.

1999: The « Association pour le développement européen de l’Île-de-France »

(ADEIF) ensures the promotion of the Region and five County Councils (Essonne, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne, Val d’Oise) in Brussels.

2001: The Seine-et-Marne County Council joins ADEIF.

2003: ADEIF becomes Île-de-France Europe.

2012 : The Yvelines County Council joins Île-de-France Europe.

2013: The Hauts-de-Seine County Council joins Île-de-France Europe

IdFE, a Region and seven County Councils

IdFE involves the Ile-de-France Region and five County Councils :

Seine-et-Marne, Yvelines, Essonne, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne and Val d’Oise.

IdFE, an efficient team

The office is composed of six permanent staff members, dedicated to monitoring

and reporting on EU policies, legislation and programmes and providing advice

and support for project development.

An efficient and dynamic team with strong day to day connections with European

Institutions, networks and partners helping Ile-de-France local authorities to better

benefit from EU policies and funding.

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